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Custom Electronic Dashboard Orders

Custom orders are our specialty. When Christian started this as a hobby about 17 years ago, he put together a small manual which helped several hundred individuals to design their own custom dashboard. Electronics have evolved since then and are getting further out of reach to the amateur every year. Needless to say, the original manual is no longer available.

Our experience is available today through our custom dashboard design services. The tools and processes we are using lead to professional results for a fraction of the price of a prototype.

We will gladly assist you in achieving the vehicle you had been dreaming about for a long time. This dream vehicle can be either a winning show car, a speed boat, a prototype car or an efficient spacecraft.

Cost of a custom digital dashboard is between $1200 and $2800, depending on the options selected, the number of items monitored and the sensors required (if any). This price is for electronics only, and includes design and assembly. Installation is not included, but could be arranged in our shop or at the location of your choice.

Featured below are some design notes, pictures and ideas.

GT Fiero



Astro / Safari Tach module

1977 TransAm - low console


Here is a list of the most popular meters, all available in digital or bar graph formats.

speedometer coolant temperature voltmeter outside temperature
tachometer oil pressure ammeter accelerometer
odometer fuel level vacuum meter fuel/oxygen mixture

Design notes

Open vehicles such as boats, motorcycles or convertibles usually require displays with higher contrasts, such as LCD (liquid crystal displays) or VFD (vacuum fluorescent display). For these applications, LEDs are not recommended. LCDs are not intended to be used in cold weather; they react slowly as temperature drops below 32F and then they freeze at some point. Vacuum fluorescent displays sound like the best choice here, if the model selected can stand the low and high temperatures. Carefully review the manufacturer specifications.

Available colors include:






Green prototype

Should you have specific questions or want to discuss your project, feel free to contact us at customs@jupitere.com.

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