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Discontinued Electronics for the 2-TV dashboard

For reference, here are some pictures of the previous release of electronics for the 2-TV dashboard.

Identified as P007 or P008, this set has been discontinued at the end of 1999. Service and replacement boards are still available.

K145 SpeedometerK146 Tachometer

K149 Scanning Dummy Display - 120 LEDsK151 or K152 Dummy Display - 60 LEDs

Detailed schematics and assembly instruction for these boards are available in a manual titled The Knight Project, priced at $49.95.

Unassembled printed circuit boards for the above electronics, as featured in The Knight Project, are also available.
Voicebox group

Printed circuit boards number 068, 163 and 164

(4-step sequencer, VU-meter driver, voice display)



Main group

Printed circuit boards number 108, 109, 145, 146, 149, 271, 072, 151 and 152

(speedometer, tachometer, 120-LED telltale, odometer and two 60-LED displays)



Scanning lights controller

Printed circuit board number 256



If you own an older set of electronics which looks like the pictures on this page and need the installation instructions manual, you can contact us. The installation instructions manual for the discontinued electronics is available for $5.


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